Whatever the material, V. Dolan Trucking can haul it.

V. Dolan Trucking hauls asphalt and aggregate for landscaping and construction in eight North Bay counties. What started so long ago as a two-truck hauling company has blossomed into a company of 38 people and a fleet of heavy equipment, all necessary to stay on top of the Bay Area’s construction trucking competition.

At Argonaut Constructors, we feel our continued success can be linked to those we work with on a day-to-day basis. When choosing vendors to partner with, we look for performance, the ability to get the job done, along with intangibles – like character and integrity. This is precisely why we partner with V. Dolan Trucking. V. Dolan Trucking has become a leader in the industry by continuously providing excellent service. Argonaut looks forward to years of working with them and we believe that your business would benefit from a working relationship with V. Dolan Trucking.

Mike Smith, Jr., Vice President, Argonaut Constructors

We broker a wide range of trucks to provide you with the highest level of service in the industry including:

Most units come equipped with ditch/trench gates, demo bodies and high-lift tailgates. Some units are available to haul lightweight materials.


CONTACT US or call us directly at (707) 664-1409. We look forward to providing you with excellent services to meet your needs.